The first Bio beach in Croatia is being built

Photo: Pixabay

The first biological bathing area and interpretive content that form a whole is being built – Čazma Bio Park, reports

The biological pool is innovative and ecological content, and the method of execution is designed as nature-friendly in a naturally created depression. Along with the biological pool, the arrangement provides an educational interpretation trail that takes visitors along the interpretive water surface with aquatic plants and interpretations, the nature school “Nature Story”, tree canopies with bird observatories, to the thematically arranged restaurant. Along the way, it is possible to observe various plant species, as well as birds and amphibians.

All facilities are adapted for people with disabilities and reduced mobility.

About biological pools

Biological pools use biofilters for purification. Due to the specific water purification system that is easily adaptable to different pool layouts, biopools can look like natural ponds with naturally decorated shores or like traditional concrete shell pools.

A natural way to maintain pool water

Unlike traditional pools that use chemicals to maintain water health, biopools do not use chemicals but purify water in a natural way or by maintaining biological balance within the system. Depending on the type of system (bio-pool, ornamental lake, lake with fish) there are two ways to purify water.

Unique system, low maintenance costs

One of the main advantages of such systems is visual attractiveness and individual design, which means that the owner of such a system has a unique system adapted to the environment. Despite the fact that no chemicals are used and that no additional equipment is needed for water purification and treatment, the consumption of electricity is low, and thus the maintenance costs of the entire system are low.

Health benefits of biological pools

– completely natural water without unpleasant odors of chlorine
– eye and skin irritation is avoided
– Water from biological pools is an ideal solution for allergy sufferers because it does not contain chemical substances

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