The first cannabis museum in Croatia

Photo: Unsplach (Jose Luis Sanchez)

After years of studying the history and characteristics of cannabis and its health benefits, Tvrtko Kračun put aside a successful marketing career and opened the first Cannabis Museum in Croatia. It is located in the center of Zagreb, across from the police station. Tvrtko became attracted the plant in his young days, but in addition to testing, he says, he approached the methods of application and multifunctional use quite studiously. He read a lot and studied the scientific papers that were available at the time. – reports

As a kid, studying the benefits, I set myself the task of entering the industry all-in at the touch of legalization, given the benefits that this plant provides to people. The museum itself was opened two and a half years after the opening of the first store in Zagreb, and the idea came to me when I visited the Chocolate Museum.

As we inform, educate and talk about hemp on a daily basis, the museum is actually exactly what the market needs – an educational center about Cannabis where you can learn all about the plant through history, methods of application and interpretation through workshops and lectures.

In the museum in Zagreb, visitors can go through the rich history of hemp, hear and learn a lot about the plant, and occasionally be surprised by interesting facts. On the ground floor there is an exhibition dealing with indoor cultivation, and you can also study plants from the permitted EU list that have been reported to the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of the Internal Affairs.

On the upper floor there are three thematically arranged rooms; for ritual, recreational use, for medical use and universal cannabis, or a room where it shows what all this plant can do. Like no other on the planet.

“The Ministry of Agriculture provides seedlings with the obligatory application of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which we can sell to end customers without being part of an association or having our own companies.” – says Tvrtko

People will have to sign a disclaimer because there is a possibility that the plant in certain conditions exceeds the legal limit of 0.2% THC, and reaches, for example, 0.4% THC, which is not legally allowed. The cannabis plant, as multifunctional as it is, is still extremely “stupid” because it cannot “read” EU laws, so it often does not adhere to imposed THC levels, not knowing that its caregiver faces potential punishment for this, explains the museum owner.

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