The first newsletter of The Plitvice Times magazine!


Earlier this week, the first Newsletter of The Plitvice Times magazine was sent to numerous email addresses around the world. The mail was sent to the tourism sector and to our dear readers whose contacts are a part of our database.

This newsletter is a new way of communicating with our readers, where they will be able to find news, interviews, and other important tourist info.

Symbolically, the first newsletter was dedicated to our new print edition, which once again on the digital platform Issue attracts a large number of readers.

The upcoming newsletters will follow the most interesting topics and information that you need to know if visiting Plitvice, Lika or Croatia! We hope this new part of the project will be helpful to you and makes you feel closer to the magazine.

Read the first newsletter HERE.

If you also want to receive our newsletter, send us an email at