THE KISSING MAP 10 locations in Crikvenica with a ‘This is a Good Kiss Spot’ sign


Are you always looking for the best locations for selfies on your journeys? Locations that will show that you are part of something truly special? Of course, we all do that. If the selfie is with your loved one, its posting on social networks will be even more significant.

The best kiss spots

The Crikvenica Riviera features ten locations marked with a ‘This is a Good Kiss Spot’ sign. The ‘0707’ artist collective from Italy has developed this project which has spread the message of love across the entire world. In Crikvenica, the story has got its original sequel in the form of a special ‘Kissing Map’, which takes you to the most romantic places on the Riviera. These are places where you’ll experience unique and unrepeatable moments that you’ll remember for a lifetime, places where you’ll play the sweet and mysterious game of first kisses. In these places, you can propose to your loved one and reveal your feelings. This is where you’ll feel your heart beating while you watch the sun set or wake up to the sunrise with your loved one.

A seaside promenade or a secluded park?

Or maybe you prefer a romantic bench that offers a fantastic view of the sea? Or maybe all of these? To be honest, it doesn’t matter, for on your romantic journey you can visit all the places on the Crikvenica Riviera with the label ‘This is a Good Kiss Spot’. We also recommend finding a new one which is not on the list, so that it can be truly and only yours. Who knows, maybe on your next visit here you’ll discover that the place that you’ve discovered is a new ‘Kiss Spot’.


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