The most expensive accommodation on Booking in Lika-Senj county (summer 2022)

The Plitvice Times made a research about the most expensive accommodation in Lika-Senj county for summer 2022.
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Lika-Senj County is located in central Croatia. Many great tourist attractions are situated in the county and there are millions of visitors every year. The visitors can choose to stay in hotels, hostels, campsites, private accommodation, apartments, houses, rooms… The choice is big and varied. There are different categories, quality, size, locations, activities and offers.

As the summer of 2022 had almost arrived, we made some research about the most expensive accommodation you can book in Lika-Senj county. Keep in mind that we filtered the research to availability for 2 people in July on

10. Dario 1. modern & luxury ap. with a pool – €546,00

The villa is located in Novalja. The apartment comes with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a dining area, a fully equipped kitchen, a patio with sea views and a swimming pool. Based on just one review, the conclusion is that the place is newly opened.

9. Villa Velebit – €565,00

The villa is located in Brušane, a small village near Gospić. It comes with 3 bedrooms, a dining area, a fully equipped kitchen, a patio and it is surrounded by a garden. Ideal for a peaceful vacation in nature. Concerning the fact there are still no reviews, the place is newly opened as well.

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8. Hostel Zrće – €586,00

Are you wondering why the hostel costs so much? The only available room you can book is for 8 people. We narrowed our request to 2 people and this was the only given option. Breakfast and lunch are included in the price. Also, there is a swimming pool. The reviews are great.

7. Villa Lara (Blue Horizon guest house) – €606,00

Villa Lara is also located in Novalja. This villa has 3 bedrooms, a private pool, a garden, free private parking and a beautiful sea view. It is another newly opened place to rent as there are no reviews of the property.

6. 2 bedrooms apartment with sea view enclosed garden and wifi at Cesarica – €649,00

This nameless place is located in Cesarica near Novalja and Gospić. The house comes with 2 bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen and a barbeque. The description says it is open since 2018. However, there are no reviews. That leads us to the conclusion that the accommodation has been recently redecorated.

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5. 2 bedrooms chalet with jacuzzi furnished garden and wifi at Gospić – €731,00

Another nameless accommodation is in Debelo Brdo near Gospić. This 2-bedroom chalet in the woods comes with a jacuzzi furnished garden. The whole place is furnished traditionally with some decorative items that can even be found in museums. It is a perfect place if you want to disconnect yourself from noise and city life.

4. Villa Skrisia – €750,00

This contemporary villa is located in Drvarica and it stands out when it comes to architecture. Untipically Croatian, it comes with 3 bedrooms, a patio, 4 bathrooms equipped with a hot tub and big window walls that face the sea.

3. House with 3 bedrooms in Donji Lapac with wonderful mountain view private pool enclosed garden – €828,00

Another place with a description instead of the name is located in Doljani near Donji Lapac. It is a 3 bedroom house with wonderful mountain view, private pool, enclosed garden and barbecue. The garden has a playground for children.

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2. House by the River – €928,00

The place is located in Plitvica Selo in Plitvice Lakes. House by the River features accommodation with a restaurant, free private parking, a garden and a terrace. This 3-star guest house offers ski storage space and a concierge service. The accommodation offers room service, an ATM and currency exchange for guests. Activities like hiking, skiing and cycling are also available.

1. Plitvice Lakes Villa Diamond – €1.459,00

Plitvice Lakes Villa Diamond is located in Plitvica Selo in Plitvice lakes. It features accommodation with a restaurant, a fitness center, a shared lounge, 4 bedrooms, a buffet or à la carte breakfast, a children’s playground, garden with a barbecue, golfing and fishing options.