These are the 6 travel trends to look out for in 2023, according to

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Post-pandemic travel has seen a small boom, with people opting to travel where they can and when they can, reports

With the mood shifting, the digital travel platform has commissioned extensive research from more than 24,000 travellers across 32 countries and territories and combined it with its own insights to discover the seven emerging travel predictions for 2023.

Off-grid’ trips

Camouflaged cabins, campfire cuisine and compasses: going off-grid will never be more sought after than in 2023. A chaotic few years with natural disasters, political unrest and a global pandemic has seen people opt for ‘off-grid’ style holidays to escape from reality (57%) and switch off and experience life with only the bare necessities (33%).

Out of the comfort zone’ travel

Forget the usual favourites, in 2023 travellers will be seeking unique holidays that shock, surprise and delight.

40% of UK travellers want to experience complete culture shock in 2023 – be it travelling somewhere with completely different cultural experiences and languages (47%) or exploring lesser-known cities with hidden gems that aren’t already on the radar (24%).

Nostalgic getaways

There’s a desire – even for millennials and Gen Zs who never experienced it – to disappear into the romanticism of a pre-digital era, with 20% of UK travellers chasing experiences that evoke (faux) emotive memories of days gone past, such as visiting landmarks or attractions featured in iconic retro films or opting for a bus as a primary mode of transport to relive the group spirit of school trips.

Mindfulness holidays

Travel is set to take ‘mind, body and soul’ wellness to the next level in 2023, with more people seeking mindfulness getaways in the new year, with two in five (29%) aiming to find peace at a silent retreat and one third (33%) are keen to go on a break that focuses on mental health, transformative health or that helps with life milestones such as menopause or pregnancy.

Travelling for business

Travelling for business will be back on the agenda in 2023. But unlike the business trips before Covid, employees are seeking more opportunities to build team camaraderie in real life – and away from the office – reflecting a growing demand to incorporate work travel with productive play.

Budget-conscious holidays

With the background of global economic uncertainty, travellers in 2023 will continue to prioritise travel but will be more mindful of how to make the most of their travel budget and what takes precedence.

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