“This is a perfect Family Vacation Destination!”


„If you’ve never visited Plitvice, you’ve never truly been to Croatia

Kimberly, Kelvin and Karson are a part-time traveling family residing in Hong Kong known as Globetrotter Kin. Being city dwellers, they love to escape the hustle and bustle whenever they have the time.

„Be it a weekend escape or long vacation, we make the most out of every moment to explore the world and build happy memories together.“

Plitvice were long on their bucket list.

„We have been longing to visit it since we saw a picture of it on the internet. Hence, we drove all the way from Zagreb during our stay to experience Plitvice with our eyes.“

So how did they like it?

„We thoroughly enjoyed it. Not only did we manage to finish hiking a path for the first time with our little one (who was four years old at that time), but we also got to enjoy nature at its purest form and appreciate it through our different senses.“

That`s why we wanted to know is this a good family vacation destination in their opinion?

„It is definitely a really great place to bring kids close to nature. Our son spotted tons of wildlife during our hike. He saw a lot of fishes swimming in the lakes. There were butterflies and even spotted a snake! The abundance of boardwalks made it very easy for families with young children to trek above the water. When we were taking the bus to the entrance of the trial, Karson kept on saying that he was a bit scared as he feared that the bears may eat him.“

They also visited Zagreb, Split, Šibenik and Trogir. Each city and town preserved its own unique character and heritage.

„Croatia definitely remains our top favorite destination in Europe. The well-preserved architecture, amazing gastronomy, epic landscapes, love for children, and competitive pricing are few of the qualities we’d never forget about Croatia.“


So, would they recommend Plitvice as a good travel destination?

If you’ve never visited Plitvice, you’ve never truly been to Croatia. That’s how iconic and unique landscape of Plitvice really is. There hardly is any other place in this world of such scale and beauty. We would definitely come back in a heartbeat.“

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