TIME TO APPLY Money for additional marketing and PR activites


The decision to allocate HRK 10 million for marketing and PR activities abroad was adopted at the 49th session of the CNTB Tourist Council.

The aforementioned refers to funds that shall be allocated for the organisation of promotional activities and events, media advertising, marketing projects with domestic and foreign tour operators and agencies, and workshops, trainings and presentations with domestic and foreign buyers in 16 outbound markets: Germany, UK, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovenia.


Mr Staničić emphasised the importance of promotional activities. “At the beginning of March, we are initiating the implementation of the first campaign for this year aimed at the promotion of the preseason that will take place until 15 April in 12 markets we consider key, among which is Germany, in which we have started a large-scale campaign on 11 German TV channels”, said Kristjan Staničić, CNTB Managing Director.

The session included the presentation of information on the current status of the outbound markets with emphasis on Slovenia, Italy and Germany since the directors of the CNTB representative and branch offices also attended the session.

The indicators concerning arrivals and overnight stays from the beginning of the year are positive and a slight growth trend in tourist traffic is visible. The e-Visitor system recorded 456 thousand arrivals, which is an 8 percent growth, and 1.2 million overnight stays, which is 3 percent more that the same period last year. Furthermore, the largest increase in the number of arrivals and overnight stays in January was recorded for Finland, Belgium, Sweden, followed by the Netherlands, Ukraine, Poland, Slovenia, UK and the remote markets of the People’s Republic of China, the USA and Canada.

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PHOTO: Pixabay