Top 10 pizzas in Croatia

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It is difficult to choose only the best ten out of several hundreds of pizzerias. However, the team made the list.

10. Lipizzano (Ante Starčevića 25, Đakovo)

9. Angelus (Alojzija Stepinca 3, Varaždin)

8. Tivoli (Veli vrh 8, Pula)

7. Astrogarden (Ulica Martina Divalta 4, Osijek)

6. Hex (Trg kralja Tomislava 18, Valpovo)

5. Victoria (Bosanska 3, Šibenik)

4. Ventidue (Stjepana Radić Street 22, Osijek)

3. Rumors (San Marco Promenade 77, Labin)

Rumore is a top pizzeria with real pizza Napoletana. At first glance, the dough is truly Napoletan, with a texture that follows the appearance. The middle is not too soft, wet and gooey, and the toppings are also a very strong asset of this beautifully decorated pizzeria with a pleasant atmosphere and ambience.

2. place: Bokamorra (Trumbićeva obala 16, Split)

It is the only Croatian pizzeria, along with Zagreb’s Franko’s, that is on the list of the 50 best European pizzerias. Real Napoletana dough, literally perfect, with rich and fine toppings.

1. Ruspante (Sinac 135, Otočac)

The pleasant, warm and homely atmosphere in which top-quality pizzas are made is the reason why a table in this pizzeria must be booked up to two weeks in advance. The dough is perfect, made from flour ground in a nearby mill, only fifty meters away. It is reminiscent of Napoletana, but it is much more brittle and crunchy. The toppings are varied, and all the ingredients are obtained from nearby family farms.

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