Top 3 reasons to spend autumn in Plitvice


Welcome to autumn – colourful season many consider to be extremely beautiful here at the Plitvice Lakes Municipality. Incredible colours, preparation for the winter and the first frosts at the beginning of October, are some of the reasons many choose autumn to visit Plitvice Lakes.

Everything is different – birds are preparing to fly south and the leaves start to change colours. Because of the diversity of the tree species in the Plitvice Lakes area, the colours of the surrounding forests become extraordinary. Also, the area is not as crowded, so it’s certainly another plus for all of you who prefer quieter periods.

Although there are many, here are our Top 3 reasons why you should visit Plitvice Lakes in autumn:



Trails covered with leaves, unbelievably colourful forests and plenty of water, create a real autumn idyll. Each week is different depending on whether you arrive in October or December. In early fall still predominates green, then yellow, orange, and finally red turning into brown. The nature process lasts until winter when the leaves disappear and the white idyll starts. There are few places in the world where you can find such beauty of autumn colours highlighted by the greenery of the lakes in the National Park.


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I miss this amazing place 😊

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Active vacation

Autumn is ideal for activities – a pleasant climate, fresh air and so much to see are very good reasons for an active weekend.

Choose hiking and cycling routes, or some of the mountain hikes you can find at Plitvice Active website or discoverplitvice. Everything you wanted to do in the summer, but couldn`t because of the heat, compensate in the fall. Once you get infected with the beauty of this area, every fall will be pre-booked.


Lower temperatures mean bigger appetite, especially if you decided to spend your vacation active in the Plitvice Lakes Municipality. Local food from the Lika region will surely impress you, so be sure to try some of the autochthonous specialities local restaurants offer. Trust us, you will not be disappointed, or go home hungry.