Topiary park in Croatia with the largest number of plant sculptures in the world!

Photo: Unsplash (JR Harris)

It is the first such park in Croatia, only the second in Europe, so it attracts domestic, but even more foreign tourists, reports.

Locomotives, engines, dancers, scenes of families and scenes from village life, as well as numerous animals – all divided into as many as 30 thematic units.

All of these are topiary, the result of trimming ornamental bushes, which is practiced by only a dozen people in the world, and among them is the artist Vladimir Flegar. He has been working on his swans for years.

“They are one of the oldest, about 27 years old and they are not finished even now. I am still waiting for the neck extension. Every season I gradually lengthen the neck, whether it is two centimeters or five, it depends on the weather,” says Flegar, owner of the topiary park.

The sculptures in the park are also valuable. The ones that were the most difficult to grow reach a price of 10,000 euros each. The park in Sračinac is unique in the world for several reasons.

This topiary park covers 7,200 square meters and is the smallest in the world in terms of surface area and the largest in terms of the number of sculptures, 400 of them.

This tourist attraction, which only recently opened, has no shortage of visitors.

“According to expectations, the majority of visitors are from Međimurje. Also, there are foreigners returning from vacation,” added Flegar.

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