Tourism expert from Indonesia with professional connection to Plitvice Lakes!


Cicilia Anwar, travel agency sales manager from Jakarta is a tourism professional with over 16 years of experience in the industry.  Recently her agency created routes to Plitvice Lakes and Cicilia shared with us very interesting opinion about this destination and how it all started.

From the first time I saw the photos on social media, I knew I have to experience this place with my own eyes. And then suddenly I realized – I should have this destination on my product list and definitely promote it to our customers! Even though I haven’t been here yet.


This idea soon became a reality and some groups already visited Plitvice Lakes, Croatia and nearby countries!

Our product name is ‘Exotic Balkan Peninsula’ with 12 days duration visiting Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Bosnia Herzegovina and Austria.  After starting the entire project, in January I finally had a chance to visit Plitvice for the first time!

So did she like it as much as her costumers?

Overall, I’m so fond of Plitvice! There’s so much beauty in this place and going here in the winter is definitely not a problem for me, because I always loved winter time. I can feel the natural freshness from its surrounding and so much happiness just from being in this place.

Every moment spent in Plitvice, she admits, was extraordinary and amazing.

But the best part is when you walk along the wooden path above the river, surrounded by nature… My senses were satisfied by all the beauty that Plitvice have…

I can feel the winter breeze, smell the fresh air, hear the soothing sounds of water through rocks, see how beautiful the Big waterfall is.  This is such an amazing experience and I would definitely love to come back again with my loved ones… Enjoying different seasons would be a good idea.

Capturing Plitvice through camera lens was her favorite activity, but we have to admit she is also a great model herself!

After all, it’s a pleasure for me to share my experience from Plitvice.  I do really hope I can come back to this place again – Plitvice definitely are one of the wonderful places you have to visit!

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