Travel backwards and forwards in time with these stays fit for a time traveler


Pretend To Be a Time Traveler Day is celebrated around the world on 8th December, a fun day that encourages people to pretend to be a time traveler from a different time, either from the past or from the future.

With our research showing that 36% of global travelers are keen to travel as far as possible, so with that in mind we present eight unique destinations that will make you feel like you’ve either gone back in time or time-traveled into the future. From futuristic capitals with dazzling neon lights to small, charming villages frozen in time, there is a destination for every kind of time traveler.



Tokyo is a vast, teeming metropolis nestled between mountains and Tokyo Bay. Neon lights, cutting-edge technology and state of the art innovation have transformed the city into one of the most futuristic destinations in the world. Home to stunning skyscrapers, advanced bullet trains, countless VR experiences, a life sized robot from a popular mecha series and even an underground farm. Embark on a private and personalized walking tour to explore this stunning and sprawling capital that will make travelers feel like they’ve been transported into the future.




Not only is the cosmopolitan city of Dubai full of ultra-modern skyscrapers, including the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa, it’s also home to the fascinating artificial archipelagos. Travelers to Dubai will feel as if they’ve traveled into the future as they take in all the incredible experiences that this city has to offer. Tour the city’s souks and treasures, visit one of the largest indoor aquariums or embark on an exhilarating desert safari tour. Whilst the futuristic fountain show at the Dubai Mall will not only make travelers forget that they are in a desert, but also in this century, Dubai has something for every time traveler.

Where to stay: Situated on its own island and boasting the accolade of being the world’s only 7-star hotel, the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah features ultra-luxurious suites overlooking the Arabian Gulf. Guests may arrive at the property by either one of the world’s largest chauffeur-driven fleets of Rolls-Royce’s or alternatively by a dedicated helicopter transfer service, which has featured in a variety of incredible stunts.


Hong KongHong Kong

Fast-paced, densely-populated and neon-lit, Hong Kong has more than 1,200 skyscrapers, more than any other city on the planet, with lights reflected on Victoria Harbour and forest-covered mountains forming the backdrop. As well as being a global financial centre, Hong Kong is ahead of the curve in terms of technology – with fingerprint scanners and smart ID cards that allow locals to zoom through customs. With architecture and interior design influenced by Feng shui and modern technology, this city is truly unique.

Where to stay: Designed by famous local architects, the stylish Hotel ICON offers stunning harbour views in Tsim Sha Tsui East Kowloon, and a rooftop outdoor heated pool. The hotel’s modern rooms are decorated in dark colors and warm lighting to create a cozy atmosphere. A smartphone with unlimited data is also available in every room. The eco-conscious hotel features Asia’s largest indoor vertical garden and offers a stylish, yet eco-friendly arrival for guests with 100% electric transportation.



Clean, compact and compelling, Singapore seamlessly combines the best of Asia. While different cultures and cuisines live side by side in this dazzling destination, they still manage to maintain their own identity. Talking about forward thinking, Singapore is also home to the Supertree Grove, a series of massive tree-shaped structures that absorb heat, provide shade, collect rainwater and generate solar energy. Thanks to the city’s revolutionary and efficient public transport system, time travelers can explore Singapore fast and easily.

Where to stay: Set on the Orchard Road shopping district, the modern Hotel Jen Tanglin Singapore is connected to the Tanglin Mall. The hotel staff includes two clever robots, Jeno and Jena, who have been recruited to help with room service. The robots are one meter high, can use the elevators and, thanks to their sensitive sensors, they can avoid any obstacles that appear in their path. Venture out to explore this bustling city on a vespa tour by night, and with local attractions including UNESCO heritage site, Botanical Gardens nearby there’s plenty to keep you occupied.



Known for its Wild West setting with gorgeous old saloons and classic wagon wheels, Tombstone is a place where time travelers will feel like they’ve stepped back in time. Stroll down East Allen Street to find most of the town’s famous attractions like the Bird Cage Theater and OK Corral, or book a western-themed sightseeing tour across Arizona’s three iconic sights.