Travelling Hedgehogs sneaked in the Park…


Italian student Samantha came to Croatia this summer with her family and decided to visit Plitvice Lakes. Myrtle and Raspberry, her loyal travel friends accompanied her in this adventure.

“I bought them in Milan last winter and I bring them everywhere I go. At the beginning it was just a joke, I took funny pictures and my friends enjoyed them. But, later this year I had the opportunity to travel across Europe and I decided to bring the small hedgehogs in my backpack. I took the pictures in front of the most iconic monuments, such as Big Ben, the Hungarian Parliament, and the Finnish Senate.”

As people liked them she decided to open an Instagram account “The traveling hedgehogs”. Myrtle and Raspberry have been traveling for almost a year now and they’ve been to London, Helsinki, Budapest, Italy, and Croatia.

“I read a lot about the park in tourists guides and in many Facebook groups people gave wonderful reviews. Since I really love nature I was really excited to have the opportunity to visit. And obviously my furry friends came along. It has been a great experience to walk over all the footbridges crossing the lake. I really appreciate all the waterfall landscapes and the small rivers, it is a very peaceful place, sometimes you can almost hear the nature breath. Furthermore, I have to say that the park is very well kept, and this is a very important thing.”

So did these special animals make some friends here?

“We saw a lot of fishes swimming quietly. In some areas, the water was so clear that it seemed they were almost flying. Also, we spot a lot of colorful tiny birds, but it was a challenge to catch them in a photo because they moved really fast. During our lunch break, we made friends whit a couple of mallards. And last (but not least) we saw a little green and brown water snake swimming around.

Myrtle and Raspberry came back home with amazing memories, and are already in some new adventures…

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