#TRAVELTOMORROW Guides & Tips for the best culture trip in Lika-Senj County


„Culture Seekers“ – this is for you!

The growing interest of visitors in genuine cultural experiences brings many opportunities but also complex challenges for tourism.

Majestic art, fascinating architecture, age-old customs, and even authentic cuisine are aspects that play an influential role in developing and boosting the tourism of a particular destination.

That`s why The Plitvice Times Magazine tells you how – and when – to enjoy some interesting cultural sites in Lika-Senj County. Each of these locations deserves a spot on your travel wishlist so let`s go on this culture trip.

Explore Brinje`s Medieval past

Located in the centre of Brinje, the medieval feudal town of Sokolac Sokolac has a rich history, beautiful architecture and lush green countryside.

This magnificent construction was built in the early 15th century by the Dukes of Frankopan, and the settlement was established under its bulwarks. At that time, Sokolac was the centre of political, commercial and cultural life, a place visited by exceptional historical figures, such as King Sigismund of Luxemburg and the King Erich the VII of Denmark.

After exploring Sokolac, take in the natural beauty of Brinje. Visit the area and enjoy the beautiful countryside.

Soak up the Sun while visiting Nehaj

Fortress Nehaj was erected in 1558 when the Turks and Venice were at the peak of their power. The fortress represents a unique and exceptional example of fortification architecture from the transition from the middle ages to the Renaissance.

Partly built from the material of torn-down Senj churches, monasteries and other buildings that were located outside of the Senj town walls, the fortress represents, as an important strategic building for the defence against the Turks, a part of not only Croatian, but of European heritage, and it marks the time and spirit that and saved Europe and its identity from the invasion of the Turks – the Ottoman Empire.

After visiting Nehaj take a walk around Senj a try some great seafood in the local restaurants. But first – make sure the weather is good, you don`t want to be out when the wind „Bura“ comes to town.

Go under the surface in Novalja

There are so many great things to do in Novalja, but when it comes to culture there is one special place you just must visit. Novalja has a very long and rich history evidenced by numerous archaeological finds. Ancient underground aqueduct from the 1st century (popularly called ”Italian buža”) is probably the greatest treasure of all. This one-of-a-kind Roman aqueduct supplied Novalja with water from the Novalja fields.

The aqueduct is 1.2 km long, with a width ranging from 60 to 70 cm and 9 surface or air openings, which can be up to 40 m in height. The entrance to this town water supply system is located inside the Town Museum, which boasts some of Novalja’s cultural and ethnological heritage. Visitors are allowed to enter up to 40 m into the Roman aqueduct with mandatory use of protective equipment provided by the Town Museum.

If you`re coming in the summertime, you will have the best vacation ever. Besides culture, there are a lot of fun things you can do in Novalja!

Breathe in some fresh air and climb those stairs in Karlobag

Are you a fan of monuments and great viewpoints? Then there is one quite special you should know about – the monument „Kubus“ dedicated to the building of the Karlobag– Gospić road across the Velebit.

The monument was built in 1846 and there are 33 steps leading to Kubus.

Have in mind that you can take beautiful pictures from this viewpoint and even a better selfie!

Walk over the beautiful ancient bridge

An ancient bridge is a perfect complement to any rural or river scene. Just like this mysterious arched bridge located in one of the most vivid sub-Velebit villages – Kosinj.

Kosinj Bridge is a seventy meter-long stone bridge that crosses the Lika River and was built according to the old Croatian bridge-building technique.

The bridge is unique with its openings in the arches whose function is to relieve the impact of the waves on the bridge, while being, at the same time, outlined in the water as symmetrical circles.

Kosinj valley is part of the Lika Plateau which is known for its clean air and unspoilt nature, so why not stop for a picnic here!
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