#TRAVELTOMORROW Novalja – Great outdoor adventure vacation destination


What will your next adventure vacation look like? Today we are all at staying home but hopefully, soon we`ll pack our suitcases for a long-awaited trip.

If you want a beach vacation with something extra on the side – we suggest Novalja, a great outdoor adventure vacation destination.

Follow our tips and get the most of your vacation in Novalja!

Adrenaline & Water Sports

Novalja offers its visitors a large amount of different sports and recreational facilities. Apart from the town stadium, there are numerous tennis courts, gyms, while almost all of Novalja beaches offer contents for adrenaline or water sports.

Rock Climbing

Lovers of rock climbing can climb the steep parts of the peak of Sv. Vid and the rocks above the Ručica beach in the north-west part of Pag Bay (at Zamak and Stogaj near Metajna). Special climbing markers are placed at these sites.

Bicycle Trails

The hinterland of Novalja – the Novalja fields – is criss-crossed with extensive bicycle trails that pass between the numerous vineyards. Cycling along these trails in peace and quiet, you’ll experience the beauty of this area in a unique way.

Discovering the Underwater World

If you love the deep sea and the extraordinary underwater seascapes, contact one of the dive centres in Novalja or Stara Novalja. Among the many things that the deep and dark underwater world has to offer professional divers, we recommend seeing the amphorae from a sunken Roman merchant ship from the 1st century BC, which is located at a depth of about 30 m in the small Bay of Vlaška Mala.


Quality accommodation, Mediterranean climate and excellent connections to the mainland are favorable conditions for athletes and for the revival of sport tourism in order to encourage the extension of the tourist season. Sports and recreation facilities are located on most of the local beaches.

Quad Safari

In case you are not a fan of cycling or hiking, and you are plannning a visit (or have already arrived) to the Island Pag, you can still enjoy 115 kilometers of hiking and biking paths available on the island – by driving a quad. This rugged off road vehicle gives you a fantastic experience with a bit of an adrenaline rush. Explore the famous lunar landscape of the island, remote and hidden coves and beautiful beaches, the mystical Pag triangle as well as outstanding natural beauty, all with amazing views of the Kvarner islands and the Velebit channel.

Children`s Program

The entertainment and recreational offer has many things in store: the amusement park, the rubber town, various workshops and other places that provide the best entertainment for you and your children.

SOURCE: Visit Novalja

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