THE SOURCE OF UNA Fantasy site over 200 meters deep!


A few weeks ago, our photographer Josip Durdov went to the source of Una River,  located on the slopes of Plješivica mountain, near the villages of Donja Suvaja and Donji Lapac.

Let`s take a walk with him through thick forest and high cliffs to the emerald green water of maybe one the most beautiful river in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia.

Did you know that the source of Una is among the five deepest river sources in the world? Yes, in 2007, Italian caving diver Luigi Casati went to discover the secrets beneath Una’s surface. His team returned home with photographs taken on the depth of 205 meters!

In this peaceful place, you can spend many hours relaxing, photographing or meditating. The first small waterfall is only a few meters down the stream…

Enjoy in the photo walk to the source of Una, and check out the video where our camera goes underneath the surface.

PHOTO: Josip Durdov

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