Velebit 100 Miles – a lonely wolf trail you don`t wanna miss!


A unique experience and spectacular ultra-trail race Velebit 100 Miles in the last European wilderness: Paklenica national park and Velebit mountain in Croatia!

Sea, mountain, canyons, peaks, ridges, meadows, pine and rainforests and 100% civilization free: just you and this mythical mountain! The date is August 31 and you can still register for the race.

This mythical mountain has, in modern times, become a gladiator arena for one of the most respected sporting events in Southern Europe and certainly the biggest challenge for top athletes in the field of endurance sports.

In the backdrop of the mountain, humbly and quietly, the 160 km (100 miles) mountain ultramarathon, named Velebit Ultra Trail, has been gathering the most enduring athletes of the world for 14 years who come every year to try and match their strength against this unique and impressive mountain. The Velebit Ultra Trail is a race that every serious trail runner has to include in his or her sporting biography.

The way to the finish of this Spartan race is not easy: in 100 miles (160 km) of this trail and 6.500m of climb, besides a few mountain shelters, competitors will not encounter any form of civilization and will have to rely on their own skills to challenge this incredible mountain. On the way, through well established and marked Velebit pathways, competitors will pass from sea level to peaks of 1800m, being exposed to great challenges, but also to beautiful views, as every kilometre of Velebit is a story for itself.

Therefore, regardless of the difficulties, any pain or fatigue will be alleviated by unforgettable views at a dozen Adriatic islands. And, of course, swimming in a turquoise sea as the greatest award on finish line!

More info is HERE so make sure to be a part of this spectacular race!