A Velebit love story – their special mountain forever!


Beautiful wedding photos often come from churches, restaurants, hotels, rivers or lakes, but a Croatian couple Maja and Josip recently did something different – they climbed the Velebit Mountain! For all of that, they had a very good reason…

Here is their story told by Maja:

We all have that place where our mind is at peace, and the soul rejoices – this place for me is Velebit. I was born in Zagreb but grew up at the foot of Velebit. I like to say that Velebit is “my first love” as I was still a child when I was hiking there.

My first climb was at the age of four, I climbed the peak “Velika Kosa”. My husband is a town boy, but when I first took him to Velebit, he fell in love at first glance, almoust as fast as he fell in love with me! Velebit was the place where we got engaged, married and had a wedding celebration, so we wanted to take pictures there.

Because of the variable weather we were waiting for the best day. Together with our photographers Ivo and Joško from company Focusvide we left Zagreb in the morning, but the temperature on the thermometer started to decrease. I was trying to ignore Celsius and enjoy the autumn colors of the Velebit forest that looked like the most beautiful aquarelle you could imagine. At the entrance of the North Velebit National Park, an employee could not hide the shocked smile seeing me in the wedding dress.

Finally, we arrived at Zavižan, and there he was waiting for us – Velebit in his full beauty at this sunny but cold day.

A unique view of the autumn colors on one side, and the Adriatic islands on the other side, the horses on the pasture and the wind that slammed through my dress and hair. We decided to take photos at the top of the Velika kosa, near Zavižan mountain house. And then my spouse in smoking, me in heels and Ivo and Joško with five suitcases of equipment went to the top, while the mountaineers looked at us in awe.

We enjoyed shooting, danced, enjoyed the sight –  in one word enjoyed Velebit. But at one point Velebit demonstrated his strength and thick fog covered us, so we had to leave.  Just like at that moment, the fog can appear in marriage, but it is important to enjoy, love, keep smiling and know that the sun will shine again very quickly.

PHOTO: Focusvideo