VELIKI SLAP – The Great Fall of Plitvice Lakes


When a friend suggests you to visit Plitvice Lakes the first thing you are going to do is – Google it.

After that, you are halfway there, because one of the most often images you will see is Veliki Slap or Great Waterfall – the highest waterfall in Croatia. In Croatian “slap” means waterfall, in case you want to brag in front of your travel friends. We all like to do that from time to time, so here is more info you will want to know.

Great Waterfall is considered to be the most beautiful of all Plitvice waterfalls, so you don’t want to leave without a picture or a selfie in front of this 78 meters high, truly mesmerizing giant.

That’s why it is a place of so many memories, proposals, special moments, or even weddings.

Great Waterfall is located at the end of the Lower Lakes, and we suggest that you pick it as a place to take a break, enjoy and make your own memories.



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