VIDEO 10 Offbeat adventures to try in Plitvice Lakes


Every year many people visit the Plitvice Lakes area, unfortunately, many of them spend just a few hours in the park. Although very beautiful, the lakes are just a tip of an iceberg – just 3% of the total area!

Plitvice Lakes Municipality has a lot more to offer like hiking the unexplored paths, horse riding and quad biking in virgin forests, wild fruit tasting, satiating the adrenaline rush in the adventure parks, trying homemade Rakija, flying on Europe’s longest and fastest Zipline, enjoying on Croatia’s highest swing, kayaking on a calm river, visiting Europe’s one of the last remaining underground military bases and having a lot of meaningful & fun conversations with the locals.⠀

Instead of spending a few hours here, stay at least a few days.  Just like Archana – the girl behind an award winning travel blog, Travel See Write. She highlighted 10 special activities in the Plitvice Lakes area and tried all of them firsthand! Enjoy the video and get your inspiration for an adventurous trip to Plitvice Lakes.

  1. Try local beverages

2. Hike to the hidden viewpoints

3. Ride Europe`s longest zipline – enjoy adventorous activities

4. Freefall from Croatia s highest swing

5. Kayak on the calm Korana river

6. Go Quad biking in Virgin Forests

7. Go Horseback riding

8. Be sporty at the adrenaline park

9. Explore an abandoned military base

10. Relish authentic Croatian cuisine

Check out the entire video by Travel See Write:

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PHOTO: Travel See Write