VIDEO “The beauty of slowing down”


Today is Assumption Day, a nationwide public holiday in Croatia. This national holiday celebrates the Catholic belief that God took the body of Jesus’ mother Mary into heaven at her death. So today we rest and enjoy in “the beauty of slowing down.”

You should rest too, and please enjoy this lovely video inspired by Jennifer Williamson`s poem.

“I went out into nature to slow down a little. The whole video was filmed at the beautiful Plitvice Lakes National Park, only the first shot was somewhere by the ocean.”, says Simi Overseas, the author of the video.

Be Still My Soul

Don’t speak just yet.

Sink into this place.

Sit in your heart.

Close your eyes if you must,

Breathe in,

Breathe out,

Feel the beating of your heart.

When the mind is quiet,

You will understand

That sweet, deep awareness

Opens the gates

To another kind of land.

There’s no way to

Hold peace

In the palm of your hand;

It’s a mind-body-spirit state

Where everything


Abundance and magic—

Even a tiny grain of sand.

Be still my soul.

Hear the winds speak, and

Watch how the leaves on the branches

Blow to and fro.

There can be

Thunder and rain,

Pleasure or pain,

But here you are still,

And that is enough.

Stop, look and listen:

See how wonderful it is.

But don’t think just yet.

For thoughts can be

Beautiful pathways,

But they can make you


The truth of your Self—

How you were born

Of your own star stuff.

Be still.

Look, and


Even a mind must rest

To create its best.

So, do not worry,

Dear heart, head, and hands—

You will have your season

To work and to play,

And there is

Time enough for all,

Every single day.

There is time to make no plans.

And what of the mysteries?

How to piece the puzzle together?

Must you always struggle

To know the unknown better?

No, you must be sure.

The silence

You scurry away from

Is misunderstood.

It is not nothing;

It is everything,

Like the color


Or the other side

Of the world,

At night.

If you stop and see

What is here to see,

And if you listen only to

What your ears hear,

You will feel your Self,

Dear Soul,

Melt into the moment, and

Peace will be near.

Even in the

Middle of the night,

The light of Life

Is right here.

In this space, always

This space, is

All you could ever hold dear.

Be still, old soul.

Feel yourself—


Right here.

Stop waiting to

Start living;

Stop time, and

Be lived.

Hear the sweet melody of

Your stillness, and the

Music that it