VIDEO Misty morning in a fairytale


Bleron Çaka, a professional landscape photographer from Kosovo recently decided to pay a visit to Plitvice with his fiancee. They were searching for the most picturesque place in Croatia for the desired photo trip. The result of the trip are some truly amazing photos and a breathtaking video Bleron shared with us.

“We were completely amazed from the first moment we entered the park. We were accommodated in one of the guesthouses and immediately started to explore the place. It looked like a fairytale place – every part of the park feels like you’re stepping into a whole new world: beautiful waterfalls, green lakes, colorful trees, wooden trails – just like being in a dream.”

As a nature lover, Bleron has visited many places throughout the years, but this time something was different.

“This park has definitely one of the best landscapes in the world. As a photographer, it gave me a lot of opportunities to capture different spots in different light, and in various compositions. I always tend to take pictures of a specific place in sunrise and/or sunset, because that’s when the light is amazing and skies turn absolutely beautiful.”

To be able to capture the Veliki Prštavac in the sunrise, they got up at 5 in the morning and hiked for over an hour to find a good position in the mountain.

“It was only the two of us walking in the park before dawn and it felt like we were becoming one with the nature: it was only us and the dark skies full of stars, water streams, and the peaceful shed of leaves in the ground. But that was only the beginning, because when we reached the perfect place in the mountain and the sun started to rise, that was one of the best sights to see. Mist started rising above the lakes while trees took a beautiful gold color from the sunlight.”

Bleron took some beautiful pictures and captured a video so that everyone could see the beauty of the world we live in.

“What I liked most about Plitvice, apart from the magnificent nature, is the preservation and the respect that hundreds of visitors pay to the park while enjoying the sight in front of them. I loved the fact that everything was taken care of so visitors from all over the world could have a great time there.”

They had an absolutely amazing experience in Plitvice and also hope to return again soon.

“It is an experience that stays in your memory for a long time – we threw ourselves in a fairytale, and trust me, it wasn’t as easy to get back in the real world again!”

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