Watermill and Sawmill in village Korana – protected cultural monuments


In the village of Korana, along the northern border of the Plitvice Lakes National Park, there is a watermill and water-driven sawmill, both protected cultural monuments. They represent rare examples of preserved traditional construction and very interesting tourist attractions that can be seen from the outside.

During the 19th Century, and at the beginning of the 20th Century, five flour mills built on the Korana River were in operation. Now, only one, Špoljarić Family Watermill, fully restored in 2002 is in function. The interior is divided in a mill room with three plants for grinding grain and a miller’s room.

The watermill once operated in a way that all the residents in the surrounding settlements had their turn (a specific day in the week) for milling their wheat.

The sawmill is about 50 metres from the mill and was constructed in 1922, and also refurbished in 2004. Špoljarić sawmill is the only preserved working sawmill in the entire area of Lika&Senj Region, and beyond, that uses water power for sawing logs.

Watermill and sawmill can be seen from the outside, and for an organized visit and tourist presentation, it is necessary to contact National Park in advance.

PHOTO: Discover Plitvice