Welcome to The Plitvice Times – we are doing this for #1millionreaders


And we are not exaggerating!

Hey you there, it is so nice to meet you! Let us introduce ourselves, we are the new media that is covering the Plitvice area with the best stories you can imagine.
But wait, I think we know you from somewhere. Were you that excited tourist who visited Plitvice Lakes? Are you that guy that googled how to come here? Did you just post the best selfie from Plitvice and used our #1millionreaders and #plitvicetimes hashtags?

Regardless, you are definitely (now and forever) a Plitvice Times reader, so that gives you a special status. Did you know that over a million people visit Plitvice Lakes every year? Yeah, and they are all looking for precise and fresh info on how to have the best time here. So whether you are a former, current or future guest of Plitvice Lakes, be sure to stick with us.

Now that we are friends, you have to know that we will share all our secrets with you. But you can share these secrets with everyone you know.
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