Well-known Croatian athletes in a new CNTB campaign


The Croatian National Tourist Board launched a new promotional campaign “Thank you for your trust” on the social networks Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The campaigns will be conducted across the ten key markets with the highest number of visitors to Croatia this year, namely the markets of Germany, Slovenia, Poland, Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Italy, the Netherlands and France.

The goal of this campaign is to highlight Croatia in the post-season and through the positive experiences of foreign tourists as well as influencers, bloggers, photographers, journalists who visited our country this year and shared their stay on social networks with their many followers and to thank them for choosing Croatia as a destination for their safe vacation.

In order to ensure the campaign would be as authentic as possible, it includes the real impressions and sincere recommendations of tourists and travel enthusiasts, as well as use of their personal photos taken during their stay in our country. Italian influencers Ema Kovač and Gennaro Lillio, Polish blogger Wojtek Tyluś, Austrian photographer Christian Freiwald, Hungarian blogger Élő Bence, French musician and DJ Jean-Marie K, etc. shared their impressions of a great holiday in Croatia. Also participating in the campaign are Croatian athletes who chose their country for their ideal summer vacation – Marin Čilić, Domagoj Duvnjak, Darijo Šarić, Sandra Perković, Sinković brothers, Fantela brothers, Ivica Kostelić, Ivan Buljubašić, Dina Levačić, Barbara Matić, Ana Đerek, etc.

“We will roll-out the campaign during October, and it is an extension of the main high-season campaign “Trust me, I’ve been there”, which we successfully executed during the summer and which achieved excellent promotional results. This is underpinned by the large number of foreign guests who decided to spend their vacation in our country this year and thus contribute to Croatia achieving the best tourist results on the Mediterranean. Now, through this campaign, we want to thank them for their trust, we want to maintain the visibility of Croatia in selected markets and tell everyone that they are always welcome in our country”, said the Director of the Croatian National Tourist Board Kristjan Staničić, also stating that to-date close to 11 million foreign tourists visited Croatia.

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