Wineyard hiking trails in Croatia

Photo: Pexels (Tim Mossholder)

At 253 meters above sea level, it is not the highest, but it is the easternmost checkpoint of the Croatian Mountaineering Bypass. Skandala is located in the heart of the Srijem vineyards on the magical Fruška gora above Ilok, reports

Of the six new marked and traced hiking trails, as many as four lead across the Skandala. Two trails are named after it, the longer one is 14 kilometers, and the shorter nine. Both are circular, starting from the Vukovo lookout point, leading through vineyards to the highest peak of Liska at 297 meters above sea level and over the Skandala, returning to the starting point.

From Bapska to Principovac, there is a 22-kilometer-long trail, also the longest of these six. Whoever decides on it will follow the paths of Odescalchi, the famous Ilok prince’s family, who planted the first Traminer vines on the Principovac country estate in 1710. Those who walk the 17-kilometer-long Lovka-Radoš trail, which leads to the easternmost Croatian settlement and vineyards, will also enjoy the beauty of the vineyards and a glass of Traminer.

You will enjoy the silence of Srijem on the 12-kilometer-long Slovak House trail that leads from Radoš to Liska, and the 6.5-kilometer-long trail that leads from Principovac to the highest peak through vineyards and forests.

The new tourist product of Srijem and Slavonia is the result of successful cooperation between the Vukovar-Srijem County Tourist Board and the Croatian Mountaineering Association Cibalia from Vinkovci, whose members regularly hike this beautiful area.

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