WINTER WONDERLAND Frozen scenery of Plitvice Lakes


When thinking about favourite natural spots to visit, Plitvice Lakes immediately come to mind. Most people think of it as a summer destination but during winter… it is spectacular!

With lakes freezing over, thick coverings of snow, and perfectly-sculpted stalactites, Plitvice Lakes is truly unforgettable. Actually, this might be the most magical place on the planet in winter time!

The best and the most spectacular view is, of course, when the waterfalls freeze and that’s almost every winter from December to February when temperatures in this area are often below 0.

We all know the rule here: when the weather is bad – the pictures are very good!  These photos are the best way to announce the real winter in Plitvice Lakes, and we think “the white kingdom” is coming soon…

First snow appeared last week and there is more to come, so be prepared to book Plitvice Lakes as a must-see destination this winter!



PHOTO: Rade Jug for Discover Plitvice