“If you’re a bird… I’m a bird.”


Rytis Maziliauskas and his girlfriend are the authors of this mesmerizing photos that were created as they were scouting wedding locations around Split. Plitvice National Park was one of the places they couldn’t miss during the trip to Croatia.

We arrived early in the morning and as always, decided to take the longest route around the park – we love walking and thought we’d have enough time to cover it all. We obviously didn’t take into account the time we spent taking photos of the mesmerizing autumn colors!

Enchanted by the waterfalls and blue waters they were trying to capture it all.

As the darkness fell upon the park, we found ourselves in the middle of the forest missing the last boat to the car park. There was no other option than to walk around to reach the street on the other side of the lake.

And so we walked… in the dark forest surrounded by spooky lakes and waterfalls, that were so lively during the day, using our phones as flashlights!

Adventure is always around the corner when you have an open mind.