20th Queer Zagreb season is filled with art, love and activism

Photo: Unsplash (Isi Parente)

The year-round program of the 20th Queer Zagreb brings together more than 100 domestic and international artists through more than 50 public events and several program segments, reports thisisadominoproject.org.

In numerous cultural institutions, independent and public spaces in Zagreb, a performance program will be held from May 24th to June 5th 2022 and numerous theater, dance and performance projects by artists from Croatia, Cuba / USA, Argentina, Sweden, Spain, Brazil / France and Portugal.

The grand opening of the program takes place on May 24th at the Croatian National Theater in Zagreb, with the play “Yira, yira” created in the Croatian-Argentine co-production of Bruno Isaković and Nataša Rajković with sex workers and performers from Argentina. This is followed by guest appearances by artists Carlos Martiel, Wagner Schwartz, Diana Niepca, Israel Aloni, Anica Tomić / Jelena Kovačić, Igor Zenzerović and others.

Anniversary year is marked with significant institutional cooperation. Together with Yale University (USA), Queer Zagreb produced a series of stage readings “New Queer Voices”, while in cooperation with the British Museum (UK) an educational program for curators of local museums was conducted, with the aim of implementing LGBTQI + inclusive museum programs in Croatia. In cooperation with the Croatian Folk Dance and Song Ensemble LADO and the Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Research and the Ethnographic Museum, Queer Zagreb presents “EtnoQueer” artistic and performance research and queer reinterpretation of vocal and dance cultural heritage.

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