90 YEARS OF ROTARY IN CROATIA It all started at Plitvice Lakes

JUNE 28, 1929
rotary croatia

The Croatian Post today presented a postage stamp released honouring the 90th anniversary of Rotary club Zagreb.

The founding meeting of the Rotary club Zagreb was held at the Zagreb Esplanade Hotel on March 6, 1929, at the initiative of Josef Schulz, then Rotary International Director for Europe. Among the founders of the Club are among others Ivan Meštrović, Franjo Hanaman and Branko Šenoa.

After that, the ceremonial charter for both Zagreb and Belgrade clubs was held on June 28, 1929 at Plitvice Lakes. The guests were Josef Schulz, Sigmund Trover, President of the RC Graz, and members of RC Graz Alfred Wahld, Dr. Winbirhardton, Hans Wagul, Dr. Herbert Wiesler, then Dr. A. Apold, the President of RC Wien, Mr. Thoenv, member of RC Innsbruck, and A. Kalina, member of RC Prague.

Congratulation telegrams and letters were sent from offices in Zurich and Rotary Clubs from Rome, Hamburg, Dresden, Moravian Ostrava, Prague, Timisoara, Bucharest, Bratislava, Salzburg, Bern, Toplitz – Schonau, Pisek, Pilsen, Košice, Linz, Trieste, Sušice, Jerusalem, Waag, Bilbao, Czech Budejovice, Le Havre, Oslo, Venice, Berlin, Vichy, Utrecht, Malaga, Kutna Hora and Chur. This is a list of guests and institutions and clubs who have sent congratulations, and they speak about the strength, as well as the then distribution of Rotarians.

Motif: Rotary logo Author: Duje Šegvić, the designer from Split This stamp has been issued in a common 9-stamp sheetlet and Croatian Post has issued a First Day Cove

PHOTO: Rotary Magazine



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