We had an amazing time in Barać Caves! 


In the mid of August, your Plitvice Times team decided to visit Barać Caves, the breathtaking and one of the favorite tourist destinations near Plitvice. So close to the National Park Plitvice Lakes (15 minutes drive), it was a reasonable trip.

Once we got there we were greeted by a kind employes who told us to walk around or lay at this amazing benches until the next route starts.

Once we were horizontal, we almost skipped the route because the calmness of the place, the air, and total zen environment let your mind and body to detoxicate.

But after about 20 minutes our tour guide Slaven told us to gather around so that the route can start. First of all, I have to say something about him. He was absolutely great, kept us intrigued all the time, the guy could easily be an actor. Such an important thing when you work as a tourist guide, right. Our group was guided both in Croatian and in English so the route lasted a bit longer, but we heard everything twice and had more time to look around. After climbing to the entrance, Slaven gave us safety helmets, told us to get dressed because the temperature is only 9°C, and our adventure started.

We don`t want to make a spoiler, so we will keep it short.

Barać Caves are a breathtakingly beautiful child of a generous mother nature, and you will get that special feeling that many years ago this was actually someone`s home. And it was, but that and much more information you will receive from your tour guides.

The visit to Barać Caves is our great suggestion, and keep in mind that in August they have an amazing Bat night, an event that you don’t want to miss.

Besides the caves, we want to stress out one more time, the park and the surroundings are places of pure calmness, and maybe because there is no cell signal at all, you receive signals from nature, your mind, and body.

Barać Caves – see you soon!