Check out the entire Christmas Magic program in Gacka


December in Otočac will be particularly interesting this year. Considering that last year was incredible, this year the Christmas magic in Gacka will be oriented towards the city park. 

“This year’s Christmas Magic program is interspersed with numerous events for all generations. We have prepared concerts by local and guest bands and performers, a fair of local products, animations for children, a dance show on ice as well as a brand-new winter competition. It is up to the visitors to bring joy and surrender to the Christmas magic, which, we are sure, will bring them many beautiful moments.” – said the director of the tourist board, Viktorija Rogić.

The program begins on Saturday, November 26 with a workshop and Advent wreaths sale in the morning and in the afternoon with the lighting of the first Advent candle next to the Church of the Holy Trinity in Otočac with a performance by the Otočac Folklore Society. 

The official opening of the Christmas Magic in Gacka will be celebrated on December 3 with the ice rink opening and a dance show on ice performed by the Zagreb Snowflakes followed by a musical performance by the Velebit tambourine band. 

The Christmas Fair will open on the same day. The organizers emphasize the important and already traditional involvement of local producers, associations, sports clubs, folkloric societies, public institutions, entrepreneurs and companies who contributed to the preparation and realization of the Advent program with their involvement.

The program of Christmas magic in Gacka is as follows:

26.11. (Saturday)

10:00 – 15:00 – Workshop and sale of Advent wreaths – Book Caffe Paradiso

18:30 – Lighting of the first Advent candle with the performance of FD Otočac

28.11. – 30.11.

17:00 – 19:00 – Thread by thread… fabric – workshop of making traditional items – GPOU

2.12. (Friday)

10:00 – 14:00 – 7th International Conference on Women in Entrepreneurship “Žene i točka” – GPOU

17:30 – Night climb to Prozorina – PD Gromovača

18:30 – Branka Novosel lecture “How to use Mindfulness to lead yourself and others and overcome these challenging times more easily?” – Book cafe Paradiso

3.12. (Saturday)

10:00 – Art colony “Sinac u došašće” – premises of KUD Lipa Sinac

17:00 – Opening of the ice rink

17:00 – 19:00 – Exhibition of paintings “Sinac u došašće” – Otočac Public Library

18:30 – Lighting of the second Advent candle with the performance of KUD Gacka Ličko Lešće

19:00 – Dance show on the ice of Zagreb snowflakes

19:00 – Photo booth

21: 00 – TS Velebit

6.12. (Tuesday)

11:00 – Performance for children “Whitebeard” Gavran Theater – GPOU

14:00 – Performance “In Sinac St. Nikola” – the premises of KUD Lipa Sinac

9.12. (Friday)

17:30 – Night climb to Poljički kamen – PD Gromovača

19:00 – Exhibition of sculptures by Veljko Banović, series of exhibitions Frozen Hands III – GPOU

22:00 – DJ Luca Montecchi

10.12. (Saturday)

18:30 – Lighting of the third Advent candle with the performance of KUD Dangubica Kuterevo

21:00 – Da Capo band

11.12th (Sunday)

15:00 – 17:00 – Post office of Santa Claus – Land of fun – animation and Santa Claus letter writing workshop 

16.12th (Friday)

17:00 – Start of the Mario Cvitković Memorial Tournament Maka – MNK Otočac

17:30 – Night climb to Vital – PD Gromovača

21:00 – Zvukodlaci

17. 12. (Saturday)

16:00 – “Zlatni ušćipak” – competition in preparing uštipke

16:00 – Photo booth

18:30 – Lighting of the fourth Advent candle with the performance of KUD Lipa Sinac

21:00 – Cresendo group

20.12th (Tuesday)

17:00 – Christmas basketball tournament – ŽKK Otočac

23.12th (Friday)

19:00 – Christmas concert of DVD Otočac + DV Ciciban and the Gospić Majorettes

21:00 – TS Biseri Gacke

24.12. (Saturday) Christmas Eve

11:00 – 13:00 – Magic show and the arrival of Santa Claus

12:00 – The Christmas International Bowling Tournament final

22:00 – Da Capo Band

25.12. (Sunday) Christmas

21:00 – Christmas party – DJ Danny Black

29.12. (Thursday)

19:00 – New Year’s concert of the tambura orchestra – GPOU

30.12. (Friday)

21:00 – Secret name

31.12. (Saturday)

11:00 – 14:00 – New Year’s Eve at noon

22:00 – New Year’s Eve – Black Tatoo band

1.1. (Sunday)

21:00 – New Year’s Eve replay – Zvukodlaci

The commercial offer at the Christmas Fair will consist of traditional handicrafts and commemorative souvenirs and gifts, local foods and products from the following producers: 

OPG Kostelac Anka, OPG Ruža Pleša, OPG Bronze Bee, Gačanka Otočac, Očica Ovčica, Domestic handicraft Slavica Čorak, OPG Vungena čarolija, OPG Sekula Lucija, Gift Gallery Danijela Tonković, Udruga Pavenka, OPG Bogdanić Helena, OPG Žalac Marijana, OPG Balen and Woodart Pupilj j.d.o.o. 

The catering offer will be offered by Caffe bar Picasso and the catering business Mirakul.

The Christmas fair will be open on Fridays and Saturdays from 16:00 to 24:00, and if necessary on other days, while catering will be open every day from 17:00, except in case of bad weather. 

The skating rink managed by the company Gacka d.o.o. will be open every day from 11:00 to 22:00. Free skating will take place on December 3 when the rink opens, while on all other days HRK 10.00 will be charged for 50 minutes of skating plus HRK 10.00 for skate rental.

All other information related to the program Christmas magic in Gacka can be found on the Facebook page  Advent u Otočcu i Discover Otočac – Otočac Tourist Board. There you will find information about applying for the competition in preparing slivers, as well as other detailed information about the program.