Congress of hoteliers: With caution in 2023 due to the explosion of prices and business costs

Photo: Unsplash (Frank Eiffert)

Domestic hoteliers are satisfied with this year’s results, which came close to those of the record-breaking 2019, and in some cases exceeded them, reports

However, due to the ‘explosion’ of prices and business costs, they are looking at 2023 with caution, Veljko Ostojić, director of the Croatian Tourism Association (HUT), pointed out at the congress of hoteliers on Tuesday. The director of the Croatian Tourist Association, Kristjan Staničić also attended the Congress and expressed the expectation that positive trends in tourism will continue in 2023. He predicts that Croatia will have up to 5% more overnight stays than in 2022, i.e. that it will reach 110.3 million overnight stays. So far this year, there have been around 104 million, which is 96% of the 2019 level.

According to Ostojić, the first challenge is the workforce for tourism, assessing that the potential of the domestic workforce has not yet been sufficiently utilized in Croatia, for which a better legal framework is needed.

“In 2022, tourism ‘imported’ workers for whom 30,000 permits were issued in Croatia, and we estimate that in 2023 if there are no extraordinary ‘earthquakes’, 10 to 15% more will be needed. Optimistic announcements is that the MUP will shorten and simplify the procedures for issuing permits for foreign workers who have already worked in Croatia. We believe that there are workers in Croatia who want to work, especially among students and even the elderly, and we must use that.” – said Ostojić.

The issue of tourist land, which has not yet been resolved, is also a challenge. He said that they have received indications that the completion of a regulation that would finally regulate this problem is in an advanced stage – finding a solution for “tens of millions of square meters of land around hotels and campsites” to invest there, and thus cope better with the competition.

It is similar to the future law on maritime property, in which hoteliers are “vitally” interested. They would be satisfied if their proposals were accepted at the public consultation, which will last until December 17, and concern the beaches.

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