CRAZY VIOLIN ADVENTURE: Filming a video at Plitvice Lakes!


Bar Markovich, a 26 old professional Violinist performing internationally and creating original music, recently visited Plitvice Lakes to film one of his interesting videos.

Crazy Violin Adventure is a concept where he chooses a place to travel to, writes original music about it inspired by the local music aspects and then goes on a beautiful journey with his violin and a camera mounted on it to film a POV music video. The result is – you get to see exactly what he sees when he travels, plus the musical experience from a different kind of angle showing his hands playing the music.

For example, here’s the video he made about England:

It was his first time at Plitvice Lakes so we chatted.

When a Croatian friend showed me a picture of this place I immediately knew I have to go there, so i did. And since the concept of Crazy Violin Adventure is all about nature, I chose this magical place for the video clip I’ll make about Croatia.

A very special moment for me was when I arrived at the big waterfall. I was overwhelmed by its massive flow and size, and a beautiful rainbow appeared over it, just like in a fairytale. I definitely hope to come back again in different seasons to observe the uniqueness of this place in different times of the year – the wolves in the winter and the frozen landscapes for example, or the full green and blue colors when it’s all blossoming just after spring. Meanwhile, I’m happy I got to go there and have a beautiful Crazy Violin Adventure.

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