Croatia one of the world`s top luxury destinations in 2019


Croatia continues to attract the attention to discerning travelers and has been named as one of the hottest destinations in the world in the Emerging Destination, Global Destination and Most Popular Destinations for Millennial Travelers categories, according to the results of the 2019 Virtuoso® Luxe Report.

Every year global luxury travel network Virtuoso surveys its industry-leading force of travel agencies and advisors in 50 countries to forecast what the coming year will bring. The Luxe Report unveils consumer preferences in high-end and experiential travel.

Compared to the 2018 results, Croatia once again was ranked #2 in the Emerging Destination category, #8 in the Global Destination category and #6 in the Most Popular Destinations for Millennial Travelers category in this year’s Luxe Report list.

With its ten magnificent UNESCO sites, eight national parks, eleven nature parks, and awe-inspiring natural beauty and blessed by more than one thousand miles of Adriatic Sea coastline, modern and historic cities, Croatia is widely recognized among the most attractive destinations for luxury travelers in Europe.

The country’s undeniable beauty, charm, and stunning 3,625 miles coastline — have stolen the hearts of millions of visitors during the summer months, but equally as charming are its cities and towns during the winter months. With the perfect combination of history, culture, cuisine, wines, and natural beauty, an amazing experience awaits visitors all year round.

Ina Rodin, Croatian National Tourist Office’s Director North America, said, “We are honored by our rankings in multiple categories as a result of the 2019 Virtuoso® Luxe Report. The Croatian National Tourist Board and our tourism partners and hospitality professionals have put a tremendous amount of effort into showcasing the country’s tourism offerings from investments in infrastructure to constant improvements to our existing tourism products, all in an effort to inspire and attract travelers to visit our amazing country. It is humbling to know that our efforts are being recognized by an industry partner such as Virtuoso and that there is continued demand from the travel industry and increased interest from the U.S. market.”

The 2019 Virtuoso Luxe Report also revealed that ultra-personalization is trending with upscale travellers, as requests illustrate the desire for a deeper level of customization and one-of-a-kind experiences. Social media is motivating them to find the most intriguing backdrops and book on-site photography sessions.