“Deadly Intelligence” – Americans researching the mysterious death of Nikola Tesla


The death of Nikola Tesla is to be the subject of a new quite controversial documentary from the Science Channel called “Deadly Intelligence”.

There’s no word yet on what will be uncovered when looking into the death of inventor and physicist Nikola Tesla, although it will most likely delve into the significance of one of his most dangerous inventions, the weapon of mass destruction called the Death Ray. Tesla was found dead in a hotel room, with his safe cracked open and research missing, in 1943.

Deadly Intelligence will also investigate the mysterious circumstances behind the deaths of other scientific geniuses in addition to Tesla, which is set to air this April. The first episode will investigate the death of Frank Olson, the American biological warfare scientist and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) employee who worked at Camp Detrick in Maryland.

There will be eight one-hour episodes in the series, following experts attempting to uncover secrets and new information surrounding the deaths of these cutting-edge scientists.

Caroline Perez, vice president of development and production, Science Channel, told the site: “Innovative scientists have always run the risk of creating or discovering something so dangerous — or valuable — that others would kill for it.”

Other mysteries explored this season include engineer Gerald Bull, who was gunned down outside of his Brussels apartment after his research in cutting-edge artillery made him a target among powerful associates; Jack Parsons, the Jet Propulsion Lab co-founder who had powerful enemies and has been suspected of espionage, and was killed in a suspicious lab explosion which may have been than a chemical mishap; American researcher Shane Todd whose 2012 death in Singapore was ruled a suicide, but the work he was doing on a futuristic semi-conductor may have been what really cost him his life.

“Deadly Intelligence” is produced for Science Channel by Beyond Productions and premieres on Sunday, April 8 at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

Until then enjoy another very interesting Tesla documentary:

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