Discover underground Croatia: Amazing caves to visit

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The surface of our planet is magical, full of beauty and endless possibilities for adventure, and only seemingly compact and stable. Inside the Earth’s solid crust lies a whole universe in its own right, inviting you to direct your gaze towards its depths. There you will find a network of structures, caves and pits resembling lacework of unknown sizes, depths and shapes, reports

What lies beneath its lands?

Croatia sits on holes and rocks and is one of a few countries with such a large karst-covered area.

Over fifty percent of Croatia’s land area – seventy if you count the sea – is made of limestone that is “easily” dissolved in water. Millennia of water acting on the limestone have created a uniquely beautiful and specific relief known as the Dinaric karst. If we add the Adriatic islands to the equation, a group of over a thousand limestone islands that together form one of the largest island groups in the world, we can proudly say that Croatia has a veritable underground El Dorado.

Here is some trivia based on the findings on over nine thousand speleological sites that have been explored so far:

The deepest three pits (deeper than 1,000 m) in Croatia are the Lukina Jama-Trojama cave system, Slovačka Jama pit and the Velebit Mountain cave system;

The longest speleological structure in Croatia is the Kita Gaćešina–Draženova Puhaljka cave system (over 37 km long);

The Đulin Ponor-Medvedica cave system, located beneath the town of Ogulin spreads over 16.4 km horizontally;

The biggest underground caves in terms of area are Munižaba with a volume of 1.9 million m3, Burinka with 1.1 million m3 and Kita Gaćešina with 1.4 million m3.

Explore the Underground Wonders of Croatia

Discover the wealth of cave decorations, shaped by water and wind over thousands of years, hidden away from daylight and prying eyes! Set your sights on the ground and dive into underground adventures!

What to visit?

Barać Caves

Kingdom of Feštini

Grgos Cave

Baredine Cave

Manita peć

Oziđana pećina

Pazin Cave

“Underground Secrets of Paklenica” Visitor Centre

Zrinski Mine

Biserujka Cave

Lokvarka Cave

Mramornica Cave

Samograd Cave

Veternica Cave

Vranjača Cave

Vrelo Cave near Fužine

Strašna Peć

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