Escape the winter cold and indulge in a radiant resort retreat


Having adhered to travel restrictions for so long, travelers are eager to indulge on their next trip. A resort is a great accommodation choice for travelers looking for the ultimate relaxation and caters to guests of all ages, which explains why 28% of global travelers would like to stay in a resort for their vacation this year.

And for travelers in the Northern Hemisphere who are looking to swap their cold climate for warmer temperatures this winter, we have delved into our over 28 million listings across over 153,000 destinations around the world to share five must-visit resorts that are a perfect winter sun retreat for when it’s safe and responsible to travel.


Canary Islands, Spain

The Canary Islands have it all; beautiful beaches, rugged volcanic landscapes, charming towns and great wine-tasting tours thanks to its endless sunshine! This is an ideal destination for travelers seeking winter sun, as the estimated winter temperatures average between a warm 23 degrees celsius to 19 degrees celsius (73 to 66 degrees fahrenheit) and with little rainfall predicted during the winter season, the vacation is set to be a dry one. Travelers will also be pleasantly surprised to learn that the beaches are quiet during off-peak season.


Marrakech, Morocco

Experience the magic of Morocco but avoid the scorching summer temperatures by taking a trip to Marrakech during the winter months. Travelers can expect temperatures of around 18 degrees celsius (64 degrees fahrenheit), with minimal rainfall. Swap colder climates for warm temperatures but indulge in festive shopping in the souks, whilst visiting the exotic market place in Jemaa el-Fna square, and experience a sensory overload of fantastic sights, sounds, smells and tastes.


Riviera Maya, Mexico

Venture to the majestic Riviera Maya and soak up the ancient Mayan culture, cool off in the crystal-clear cenotes or experience Bohemian-chic vibes at Tulum. Riviera Maya is the perfect spot for travelers seeking winter sun, as estimated temperatures are a warm and wonderful 24 degrees celsius (75 degrees fahrenheit). The palm-fringed white sandy beaches of the Riviera Maya are dotted with lavish five-star resorts – the perfect winter sun paradise for any traveler.

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