Explore the Deep Waters of Malta through ‘The Virtual Museum: Underwater Malta’


Recently, the Mediterranean island of Malta has become a sought-after destination for many Middle Eastern travellers, because of the cultural similarities, the impressive natural landscapes, the delicious food, the historical attractions, and the wide range of water and land activities the island offers.

That being so, there is still a part of the Maltese islands that is inaccessible to many visitors, and that is the hidden world beneath the surface of the sea. Many experienced divers have visited Malta just to explore the fascinating depths around the island, and now everyone can enjoy that same experience virtually.

With the new platform ‘The Virtual Museum: Underwater Malta’, users can explore the underwater heritage of the islands through an interactive and immersive online experience.

Utilizing 3D, augmented reality and other media, the point of this site is to give access to, and share, Malta’s exceptional underwater heritage with everyone.

This collaborative effort between Heritage Malta, the University of Malta and the Malta Tourism Authority covers everything from a 2,700-year-old Phoenician shipwreck to World War One and World War Two aircraft, submarines and battleships.

For more information on the platform: https://underwatermalta.org/

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