“This is a fairytale place – a perfect setting for Alice in Wonderland!”


Shilpa Navlani, an influencer as well as an ardent traveler, has traveled across 40 countries and is always looking for awe-inspiring places to visit and explore. Through her Instagram she is aiming at influencing and inspiring people to know and travel to scenic destinations and hidden gems.

“When I was planning a trip to Croatia, the one picturesque place that kept popping up was Plitvice. I love lakes and waterfalls and admire the wonders of nature. It was my first time to Plitvice and its natural beauty just stunned me.”

Walking amidst such turquoise blue-green lakes, beautiful waterfalls, natural green surroundings left her speechless.

“Plitvice has the attributes of a dreamy fairytale, a perfect setting for Alice in Wonderland.”

Besides Plitvice, she fell in love with Dubrovnik’s Old Town and also, the breathtakingly beautiful drive from Split to Dubrovnik stole her heart.

“With so much to offer, Croatia is definitely a repeat destination and a stop at Plitvice is definitely gonna be on my list. This time, I would love to stay a night at Plitvice and visit the park at ease and probably enjoy a picnic.”

PHOTO: Shilpa Navlani

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