FIND THE BEST DISHES AND RESTAURANTS Lika-Senj County a part of TasteAtlas!


Millions of tourists come to our area for a visit, and also many of them are in a search for a good, local food and restaurants.

That’s why we are very happy to present TasteAtlas – a new project that aims to make this easier by focusing on traditional cuisine, local food, authentic recipes and expert reviews. Just go to the search bar and find what to eat here in Plitvice area and Lika-Senj County like ličke police, lička juha, masnica or basa.

“Often described as a poor man’s meal, Ličke police is a simple dish made with potatoes from Lika as the main ingredient. In order to prepare the dish, the potatoes should first be washed and dried, then cut into halves with their skin intact, seasoned with salt, and baked in the oven. When the top of the potatoes develops a nice golden-brown color, and the potatoes develop a tender texture, the dish is ready to be consumed, either on its own or as an accompaniment to meat or dairy products. Police are especially popular during winter, and the most popular variety of the dish utilizes thin pieces of bacon which are placed on top of the potatoes near the end of baking.”

TasteAtlas is a world atlas of food and drinks, an encyclopedia of flavors. As of now, their team has recorded over 10,000 dishes and ingredients, with the intention of, over the next months and years, capturing them all: the popular, as well as the forgotten tastes and scents of every city and village. TasteAtlas is not a finished project, new food is added every day.

They are dedicated to noting, preserving, and promoting local ingredients, traditional dishes, autochthonous recipes and iconic restaurants.

“Travel, eat, and drink. Appreciate the local. Share your impressions with us. Save your grandmothers’ recipes from being forgotten, and present the dishes of your childhood to the world gourmet map.”, TasteAtlas team suggest.

Good luck with the project and we will join you on this exciting adventure through the authentic tastes of the world.

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