FIRST Infrared Plitvice Lakes video!


YouTuber László Popovics just uploaded a short but very interesting video from Plitvice Lakes National Park – a nature film with infrared technique.

The principles of infrared cinematography are applied to video to create a surreal landscape. Infrared shooting is more than just funky colors; it is capturing light that we cannot see, and the way the camera interprets it is utterly unique.

Why “unseen”? Because our eyes literally cannot see IR light, as it lies just beyond what is classified as the “visible” spectrum – that which human eyesight can detect. When we take photographs using infrared-equipped film or cameras, we are exposed to the world that can often look very different from that we are accustomed to seeing.

Here is what László writes in the video description:

“This March I made an Infrared video with my IR modified Nikon d3200 camera. I think no one ever made an infrared video about this topic.”