Flights between Croatia and China in 2019


The Croatian Minister for Tourism, Gari Capelli, has confirmed that the country is negotiating flights to China for next year.

“This is primarily about simplifying and accelerating visa procedures, opening and introducing new nonstop flights from China, and adapting Croatian destinations to online payment services through Chinese mobile applications”, Mr Capelli said. Croatia is seeking flights from Beijing and Shanghai to both Zagreb and Dubrovnik.

A total of 153.000 Chinese tourists visited Croatia between January and September of this year, compared with 160.000 for the whole of 2017. The Chinese Minister for Culture and Tourism, Luo Shugang, noted, “In the future, we have to put more emphasis on establishing direct flights in order to further stimulate the mutual exchange of visitors.

Hainan Airlines, which launched flights between Beijing and Belgrade via Prague last year, is said to be “very interested” in commencing flights to Croatia. “We discussed the possibility of Hainan Airlines introducing nonstop flights from China to Croatia, most probably to Zagreb. The launch of this service would boost the number of Chinese tourists to Croatia”.

PHOTO: Hainan Airlines Facebook