GREAT NEWS Four nearby castles and fortresses to be restored soon!

castles karlovac county

Urgent repairs are to be carried out at four castles in Karlovac County because the municipalities of Cetingrad, Rakovica, Bosiljevo and Josipdol are now official owners of old towns in their area – Cetin, Modruš, Drežnik and Bosiljevo Castle.

The owners will have to set aside about 70-80 million euros for reparation because the work is designed to prevent some of them from collapsing completely.

These castles should also be a part of the larger “A Touch of Civilization” project, which will link 10 fortifications in Karlovac County.

In a region blessed with many outstanding castles, this is truly great news.

Whether they are great stone bulwarks perched on a hill or clifftop or no more than a collection of crumbling stones, castles are tangible points in misty mythology. Even in the 21st century, when their strategic value has long gone, they continue to tug at ancient emotions…

PHOTO: TZ Rakovica, Gordana Markušić

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