“This was the highlight of my time in Europe”


Meghan Brodmann from Halifax, Nova Scotia in Canada is a 23-year-old travel lover, always in a search for new adventures and amazing places. No wonder then that we spotted her at Plitvice Lakes National Park, so we chatted for a while.

“My mother always jokes that I’ve inherited her travel gene, I have an insatiable need to explore and discover the world. Booked on a whim, I quit a job I hated and embarked on a one month journey backpacking Eastern Europe, solo. I needed an adventure, one that was just for me, so I booked the flights and left home to once again discover the world around me.”

So we were curious what brings her to Plitvice Lakes.

My travel plans were quite arbitrary; what were the cheapest flights, but not too far apart. One exception however, was the Plitvice Lakes. Having only seen pictures, I knew I had to visit this park and I was determined to include it in my trip. I was captivated by the beautiful scenery and it’s status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, interested to find out what made this park so special.

So how did she like it?

From the moment I stepped foot in Plitvice Lakes National Park until I left, I was in a state of awe and happiness. Visiting the park in the middle of January, I left behind the crowds of the summer and got to experience Plitvice on my own terms, rarely another person in site. I felt like I was stepping into a magical wonderland, one that I was lucky enough to enjoy and appreciate. It is a memory that will stay with me forever, and certainly a highlight of my time in Europe.

As she walked through the entrance gate of the park to the first lookout, she was awestruck by the natural beauty before her.

I will never forget that moment, looking down over the waterfall and feeling so lucky to be there. I took a minute to let it all sink in, this moment where I felt relaxed, content, happy. I let everything else in my life fade away and had a minute to reflect on the journey that brought me there, how grateful I was to have this opportunity.

She highlighted the unbelievably green water, and the walkways built from wood, which made her feel like she was a part of the park, almost walking on the water, not an unwelcome guest.

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