#Instameet Day2 – exploring Plitvice Valleys!


The second (and the last) day of Instameet at Plitvice Lakes started at Barać Caves, one of the tourists favorite destination located near the village of Nova Kršlja in Rakovica. If you are missing out the info about Instameet click HERE, then HERE!

Social media stars experienced almost an hour-long tour of the Caves, and they were thrilled with this amazing, one of a kind underworld life.



After the caves our group visited Old town drežnik in Plitvice Valleys, where Mira Špoljarić, the director of Tourist Board of Rakovica gave them historic and very interesting facts about the Plitvice Valleys area.

The day finished spectacular – with the visit to deer valley,  Ranch “Dolina Jelena” located about 12 kilometers north of the Plitvice Lakes National Park.

Deer Valley stretches at 15 hectares and includes both types of deer, the smaller, fallow deer, which stands out with its luxurious horns and elegance, and bigger ordinary deer. An ordinary deer weigh up to 300 kilograms, while ladies have up to 150! Impressive right?

And food tasting of course…

Instameet is over, produced materials are amazing and we wish all the participants many new followers and likes! 🙂