Istria is the world’s best region when it comes to extra virgin olive oil


The results of the world’s only guide to extra virgin olive oils Flos Olei for 2022 have been great this time for Istria and its olive growers: 66 olive growers from Istria have produced top quality extra virgin olive oil that rightfully deserves the prestigious award, that is their inclusion in the thirteenth edition of Flos Olei.

For 2022, Istria is once again adorned with the title of the highest quality region in the world for extra virgin olive oils, for the seventh time running in the winning streak. This is especially important given that the publication contains oils from all over the world: from 55 countries on five continents. Istrian olive growers found themselves in the company of the 500 best producers, with a total share of as much as 13 percent.

The new edition of this so-called bible for extra virgin olive oils includes 67 oils from Croatia, of which 66 are from Istria and one from Dalmatia.

At the same time, a large number of Istrian olive growers have achieved better results than last year, which is proof of the significant work carried out to raise quality and the application of the latest scientific and technological achievements in olive growing.

The success of Istrian olive growers is not accidental, but, with favourable agronomic and climatic conditions, it is the result of a number of the Region of Istria’s agricultural policies over the past 25 years.

Thanks to education, both the technology of olive growing and harvest time have completely changed, and the large investments made by Istrian olive growers with the support of the Region of Istria have enabled us to have more than 30 technologically advanced oil mills in Istria, where hand-picked olives are processed into olive oil immediately after harvesting. Large investments and knowledge have also been seen in the preparation of oils for the market.

Altogether, it has also enabled the protection of “Istra” extra virgin olive oil with the Protected Designation of Origin at EU level. The designation of origin guarantees each consumer that all phases of production, processing, storage and bottling have taken place in Istria.

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