It`s that cold!


World Life Experience team yesterday visited, as they say, the most famous and most beautiful national park in Croatia – Plitvice Lakes so we chatted a bit about their visit.

“If you are in Croatia – it is worth a visit. The amount of snow there takes your breath away – on the first photo is the bus stop where we’d spent more than 2 hours and it kept snowing the whole time! Does anyone miss snow now? We can ship some!, also stand on their Facebook page.”

In the evening a small avalanche blocked the road, so they had to wait for the bus for more than 2 hours while it felt like – 15C.

“We danced, sang («Staying alive» by Bee Gees felt just right), thought of «The Revenant» and «Touching the Void» (for those who haven’t seen – two great movies) to keep warm and practised positive thinking. We survived.”

Here is a wonderful phrase that sums up their experience:

«Life is not waiting for the storm to pass but learning to dance in the rain». Well, or in the snow for that matter.

Here is also their guide for surviving the Croatian winter:
1. Layers, layers, layers – dress appropriately
2. Remember your best dance moves
3. Plenty of joking to distract oneself from the cold

FeaturedHumans of Plitvice