JOSIP DURDOV`S EXHIBITION “Small Eyes in a Big World”!

josip durdov

We are very excited to announce the Josip Durdov’s new exhibition “Small Eyes in a Big World” that will be held on Wednesday, April 24 in Gospić.

At the exhibition you will be able to see 22 macro photos of the world that we often ignore. From ants, flies, mosquitoes… to butterflies and other insects. The author will present a small world that exists within our great world. And we guarantee this will be super interesting to see!

Josip Durdov is an amateur photographer born in Gospić. By profession, he is a Master of Primary Education,  photojournalist for the LIKACLUB and also occasional Plitvice Times associate. His love for photography has been revealed in the early days and today he is a member of Photoclub Gospić and Photoclub Otočac.

Josip is in love with the macro photography style from start. The photos we will see at the exhibition were created while exploring this miniature world in the early morning. Josip says that is perfect timing to record the “unreal” moments you will see at the exhibition. See you in Gospić!